Elements Magnetic Closing Packs

sample_400_140For many years we have been designing booklets of rolling papers. One issue that has always bothered us is that once a booklet has been opened, the cover always stays slightly open and makes our beautiful booklets look used....

Over the years many people have tried to solve this problem. Some have created slits in the booklet so the cover can slide into the slit. That doesn't work well because it's difficult to slide it in perfectly and it's time consuming. Others (including myself) have used rubber bands to keep the booklets closed after being opened. None of these were very practical.

I have a work-space full of rolling papers and I'd been working on this problem as far back as I can remember. Without getting into the gory details of my trial and error, I started working with magnets, ordering different sizes, materials and strengths. After more trial and error, I found one solution to the problem by using two magnets in particular ways. This way the distance between the magnet and the booklet was kept to a bare minimum. It was a marriage of function and physical appearance.

Finally in 2008, the production release of the Elements Magnet pack was accomplished. At first we didn't make a big hoopla about this new invention. We wanted to release it slowly and gain customer feedback, which has been overwhelmingly positive. Even our competitors love it! This past year both at a large trade fair in Dortmund, Germany and a large show in New Orleans key people with Gizeh and National Tobacco approached me and shook my hand. They both said what an amazing invention HBI's Magnet Pack was and just wanted to congratulate me on it.

"Why didn't you file patents Josh?" you might ask. Well, we did, but it takes years to get a patent. Hopefully, it will issue soon. In the mean time, some of our larger competitors appear to be copying my invention. When mammoth companies commandeer small guy's inventions, they trample on creativity. In my view, there has been precious little true innovation in the rolling paper industry over the past decades. In addition to our new packaging with a magnetic clasp, HBI's inventions have included delicious flavored papers, natural unrefined papers that are still naturally brown, new never before used sizes like the 84mm DLX papers, new slower burning papers, run preventing watermarks, and much more. For our loyal customers, your feedback and praise of our innovations are greatly appreciated. For our dinosaur competitors that cannot evolve without shamelessly copying our innovations, you are destined to follow the path of your distant cousins.